Our insoles come in one package which includes one pair of replacement insoles to fit different shoe sizes. They are lined to easily cut them in your desired size so that they provide maximum comfort.

About our Insoles

Specially designed for runners to help prevent any ache in the feet. The insoles have triple zone protection to provide a great support for the feet and to reduce wear and tear on your legs. They are also effective for everyday use if you are on the move a lot. Our insoles are designed to prevent ache in the feet when you are moving for longer, so they are great for active sporters or people who are always on motion. They reduce shock and help improve your posture. If you wear your shoes a lot, like most people do nowadays, than it’s absolutely normal for them to start smelling at some point. Our insoles contain a special layer that protects against unpleasant odor.

How our insoles work?

As you run or walk, the foot takes a lot of weight. Over time, this can impact the condition of your shoes and how your feet fit in them. Our insoles help reduce this wear and tear, help keep your shoes in better condition and keep your feet comfortable at all times.

How to use them?

Step 1

Start by removing the insole that came in your shoe and place it on top of our insole with the heels lined up and fabric side facing up on both

Step 2

Use a pen and trace along the toe area of your original insole to mark a line on the our insole. This way you can trim your toe area along the line.

Step 3

Add add insole into your sneakers with fabric facing up. You should replace your insoles every six months or after the first signs of wear

Shoe insoles

  • About our product:
  • Odor sweating technology helps reduce foot odor
  • Designed for runner or active sporters
  • Support your feet while in motion
  • Provide extra support
  • Trim to fit your shoe
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